Monday, July 13, 2009

Mariah & Nick at Cabana One at the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove - 03/28/09

This is just a quick post that I saw in my "to post forlder".
Right after spending her "Anniversary" in Barbados, Mariah and Nick jumped on a plane and migrated to LA the next day, where Nick was DJing at Cabana One.
Mariah accompanied hubby in a short brown strapless Gucci Spring 09 dress.

Mariah has been wearing a lot of Gucci lately, especially their Spring Signature platforms. I love that she loves Gucci! She just doesn't embrace the edginess of the brand and thus keep her own "Mariah-ish" style! ;)


  1. I think this is one of the worst ensambles of the past 6 months. Obvisouly I have issues with the hair, but I shouldn't even have to say that anymore. I think this dress should be worn the way the model wore you said with edge.

  2. C'mon
    you just look at it while she sat down on the DJ booth
    Try to take a look when MC stood up and fairing her hair and the dress with divaish attitude
    it brings new meaning of Gucci :p

  3. ahaha I did look at all the pictures cause I was actually trying to find one that showed the shoes she wore (which I'm sure were Gucci Platforms at that point)! I don't really like the dress for the fact that it is baggy and it really didnt look that good!